How Much Does Professional Home Staging Cost?

Recent studies have shown that home staging has the potential to boost the value of your property by up to 11%. But how much does professional home staging actually cost?

Here at Wild Rabbit Interiors, we understand each and every home is unique - which is why we tailor all of our property styling proposals to best suit your requirements. In saying this, we also understand that professional home staging is an investment for homeowners, and wanted to talk you through some of the ballpark costs involved in furniture hire for your home sale.

If you’re currently wondering how much it costs to stage your home for a successful home sale, keep reading for an overview of what to expect when working with a property stylist.


Putting together a property styling proposal for your home all begins with a site inspection (you can read more about our process here!). This site inspection allows us to determine your property styling requirements, and we can then move forward with tailoring a custom quote to suit.

Our property styling proposal and costs involved will be dependant on a few different factors, including:

  • The size of the home

  • How many rooms need to be staged

  • Furniture requirements (for example, do you require full furnishing for the entire home, or partial furnishing to complement your existing pieces?)

  • Length of property styling campaign (as a general rule, we recommend 4-6 weeks with the option to extend up until 8 weeks.)

As a ballpark guide, our property styling costs can range between $2500 - $6000+ depending on the above factors, with the potential to greatly increase the end sale price of your home (you can read our testimonials from previous clients here!).

We completely understand you might be working to a budget, and can work with you to create a proposal that fits your needs. In saying this, we also want to ensure your property styling proposal is a worthwhile investment, and will provide our honest recommendations on how to get the best value out of your furniture hire campaign.


Don’t forget, property styling is an investment rather than an expense. Property styling is ultimately designed to boost the value of your home and attract more potential buyers, providing a return on your initial investment (as opposed to lowering your asking price). You can read our thoughts on why property styling is a worthwhile investment and the psychology behind it on the blog here!

It’s also worth mentioning that property styling is not just for luxury homes. In actual fact, any property can benefit from a purposeful home staging campaign. From studio apartments and townhouses to beachfront family homes, property styling is all about ensuring your home is presented in the best possible light to sell a desirable lifestyle to your ideal buyers.

To determine how much property styling will cost for your own home, the first step is arranging a site inspection so we can tailor a quote to best suit your needs. Get in touch with our team right here for a no-obligation consultation - we specialise in purposeful home staging on the Tweed Coast, Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Northern NSW. You can also see our latest furniture hire packages in action over on our Look Book!